Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 14:13 Single 51180
Benard, Jacquetta 14:00 Single 50400
Bilinski, Jacques 15:28 Single 55680
Bonga, Anna 13:57 Single 50220
Chase, Barry 16:32 Single 59520
Danicek, Will 15:34 Single 56040
Goodison, Bob 12:54 Single 46440
Heath, Joe 16:24 Single 59040
Lynch, Cheryl 12:33 Tandem 45180
McIntosh, Michael 14:00 Single 50400
Menu, Fred 13:58 Single 50280
Moloney, Luke 15:04 Single 54240
Neifer, Roy DNF Single 999999998
Nickerson, Peter 14:00 Single 50400
Press, Nigel 12:33 Tandem 45180
van Wersch, Paul 12:33 Recumbent 45180
Yancey, Dan 14:13 Single 51180

Due to flooding the route has been changed to the Plan B Crazy 8 300. Start is now at Denny's/Petro Can, Kokanee Way, 15 km east of Kamloops. Route sheet and gpx have been updated.

I believe this was a record turnout for an Interior 300 km with 17 riders. My decision to use the Pan "B" Crazy 8 route rather than the Spences Bridge route proved the be the right call. The route was beautiful, and so was the weather, although it did catch some of us unaccustomed to the heat. The gravel portion of Chase-Falkland road was better than I've ever seen it, and smoother than some of the pavement. There was an unexpected road closure on Foothill Road in Salmon Arm. Most of us followed the detour signs, but Barry found that it was possible to ride through, and that it was closed for construction, rather than a flood or washout. Similarly, Will found that bicycles could get through the Barnhartvale closure, avoiding the Blackwell Road detour, and another section of gravel. However, Blackwell Road was more than worth the price of admission, with a stunning view of the valley. One rider commented that it should be the official route, and I'm inclined to agree.

There was a bit of a tailwind as we headed east on Hwy. 1 for the first hour and a bit, allowing us to warm up and get some time in the bank before we began the 30+ km of climbing up Chase Falkland Rd. A quick descent to Falkland, and it was mostly tailwinds all the way to Vernon. There was water everywhere, lakes where there shouldn't be, road edges breaking away, and swollen creeks and rivers, but overall better than expected. Despite the tailwinds, most of us were pretty tired when we hit Vernon, and knowing we would be fighting a headwind for the next 100 km didn't help. Neither did the fact that some sadistic organizer (won't mention his name) saw fit to put a 15% hill right after the control.

A huge thank you to everyone for coming out to support this ride, in spite of all the uncertainty of which roads would be open and which route I would be able to use. And, congratulations to Jacquetta, Joe, and Fred on the completion of their first 300 km brevets.