Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 36:30 Single 131400
Bilinski, Jacques 35:46 Single 128760
Chase, Barry 37:10 Single 133800
Cojocaru, Alex 27:37 Single 99420
Cullum, Chris 34:50 Single 125400
Fergusson, Eric 35:46 Single 128760
Hagreen, Erik 38:06 Single 137160
Hood, Andrew DNF Single 999999998
Ignacio, Malou 35:46 Tandem 128760
King, Dave 28:02 Single 100920
Koen, Bob 36:54 Single 132840
Lynch, Cheryl 35:48 Single 128880
Mudrakoff, Jeff 32:04 Single 115440
Nichol, Ross 36:30 Single 131400
Ogden, Russel 38:06 Single 137160
Oswald, John 35:46 Tandem 128760
Oxborough, Kyle 38:06 Single 137160
Premack, Craig 34:54 Single 125640
Press, Nigel 34:50 Single 125400
Stedman, Roxanne 35:19 Single 127140
Szarecki, Maciej 37:10 Single 133800
van Wersch, Paul 28:02 Recumbent 100920

20 riders day of and 2 pre-rode, not a bad turn out for such a challenging ride. 3yrs ago was the last time this route was run allowing randonesia to nearly wipe out all memories of all the short steep hills on the first day for those that have ridden on Widbey Island in the past. Riders for whom it was their first time were a bit shocked as the total elevation gain and profile are misleading. Most comments from riders at the Overnight control were along the lines of "boy I forgot", "this route is mean" and "my legs are dead". Day one was much nicer than forecasted, lots of sun with mostly tail winds reported. Day two was also better than forecasted with only a little rain and tail winds for the riders finishing in the late morning and afternoon.

Later finishers unfortunately were stuck in a system and got pretty wet. I chose to run The Whidbey Wanderer as it best reflects terrain riders will encounter during PBP next year.

So for all that have plans on PBP and have finished this Brevet you are now well prepared. Congratulations to all finishers especially Russel Ogden and Kyle Oxborough on completing their first 600km Brevet!

This will be the fourth time running of Whidbey Wanderer, Riders will disembark from Chaldecott Park @ 26th Ave and Wallace St, west side of Vancouver. The finish will be a few blocks away on Dunbar and 29th Ave, so park in somewhere in the middle.

The over night control is the Auld Holland Inn in Oak Harbour WA. Book a room ASAP if you are planning on having a snooze.

Drop bags can be transported here if you choose to bring one. Please one small bag per person, labelled with your contact info & Absolutely No fruits, vegetables or drink mix powder in ziplock baggies in your drop bag.

The rest of the controls will be a mix of information controls (bring a pen!) and convenience stores.

Bring your passport and don't forget to pack a camera, this is one of he most scenic Brevets in the calendar.

PRERIDE UPDATE Route sheet updated May 28. Auld Holland Inn rooms still available!

Photos Here- (if you're on strava).

Chris C and I had an uneventful and quiet pre-ride last weekend, both of us commenting several times on what a beautiful route this, a big thank you to Keith Patterson for curating it. I did make some tweaks from the original because of the closing of Calhouns, the original start location. The finish is now Dunbar and 29th Ave. where you will find a 24 hr Macs if you're hoping to finish in 24 hrs or less, Starbucks opening at 6 am, Cosy Inn at 7:30 am, and Dunbar Public House 11 am until Midnight (pub). I also changed the route though Surrey (out and back) taking a gravel path (Burns Bog) that avoids 190 metres of elevation, traffic, lights, 5 km and half of a page of cues. See for yourself :) The first 3rd of the path has some short sections of loose gravel and deep sand. Please walk these short sections if you feel you do not have the skills to ride it though. If and when you walk a short section, just remember you could be grinding up hills in Surrey traffic ;) The last 2/3rds are smooth sailing, watch for owls! The rest of the route has been left unchanged from the original.