Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bilinski, Jacques 11:32 Single 41520
Bonga, Anna 10:51 Tandem 39060
Caddick, Jodi 13:14 Single 47640
Campbell, Kit 11:45 Single 42300
Cojocaru, Alex 9:10 Single 33000
Fingler, Colin 10:51 Single 39060
Goodison, Bob 9:46 Single 35160
Hagen, Mike 10:51 Tandem 39060
Hall, Phil 13:14 Single 47640
King, Dave 10:22 VP Single 37320
Moloney, Luke 10:32 Single 37920
Monaghan, Barry DNF Single 999999998
Ogden, Russel 11:22 Single 40920
Oxborough, Kyle 11:45 Single 42300
Press, Nigel 9:10 Single 33000
Simpson, Daniel 9:14 Single 33240
Sparks, Gary 10:05 Single 36300
Stary, Peter 9:22 Single 33720
van Wersch, Paul 10:22 VP Recumbent 37320

From the organizer (February 8) Note the 8:30 start.

The start time will be somewhat flexible as it will be dependent upon the arrival of the 7:30 ferry from Horseshoe Bay. We will depart from the passenger drop off/pick up area opposite the bus stop(about 100 meters after exiting the ferry).

For those of you who haven't ridden on the Sunshine Coast, it is hilly(about 3300 meters in total)! That being said, there aren't any big climbs, or particularly steep ones, it is just that there isn't much that is flat. I'm hoping to end the ride at a local micro-brewery from where you can coast the 2 or so kms back down to the ferry.

Parking for this event will require some forethought. 24 hour parking is available at the ferry for $16. There are a couple of other pay options (check google). If you feel comfortable parking your car in a pullout on the side of Horseshoe Bay Drive, take exit 2, then head toward Squamish and the pull out is just around the corner on the water side. There is room for probably 10 cars and people regularly do it (definitely at your own risk). From there it is about a km or 2 to the Horseshoe Bay ferry.

Dave King will be in the cafeteria on the ferry to register everyone before your arrival in Langdale. Hopefully that will allow an earlier departure.

If anyone is planning to turn their brevet into a weekend on the coast, feel free to drop a bag off with me and you can pick it up when you finish your ride.