I rode the pre-ride with Dave, and he had many useful comments. "Great views". "Nice road". "I've never been here before" (which translated into "where the hxxx are we?"). It was an eventful pre-ride (enough said about my clumsiness), but we found some route issues so there have been a few changes: Control 3 location corrected; exit route from Control 4 changed; Control 7 moved to a washroom friendly park. But overall, the same route. A few additional notes:

Don't miss the turn onto the trail off Ware road (km 33.5)--its not the road you can see just ahead!

Some minor construction on Jingle Pot road in Nanaimo (km 51.1) so obey the flaggers.

The Esso station on Wakesiah in Nanaimo (opposite the university km 54.3) is the last services (water!) for 53km so plan accordingly.

A short stretch of gravel on the downhill on Park Avenue (km 254), right after the barriers, better near the middle of the road.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Allwood, David 15:20* Single 55200000
Baker, Gary 16:43* Single 60180000
Bonner, Kenneth 13:55* Single 50100000
Fergusson, Eric 16:43* Single 60180000
Hagen, Mike 13:34* Single 48840000
Hinde, Stephen 17:17* VP Single 62220000
King, Dave 17:17* VP Single 62220000
Kok, E. W. (Wim) 16:43* Single 60180000
Ogawa, Shiro 17:14* Single 62040000
Philcox, Nigel 15:20* Single 55200000
Robertson, David 14:18* Single 51480000
Tilitzky, Michael 14:18* Single 51480000
van Wersch, Paul 12:55* Recumbent 46500000