Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 10:57 Single 39420
Baker, Gary DNF Single 999999998
Barr, Susan 9:16 Single 33360
Bonga, Anna 10:57 Single 39420
Chase, Barry DNF Single 999999998
Cullum, Chris 7:38 Single 27480
Fergusson, Eric 12:16 Single 44160
King, Dave 9:16 Single 33360
Koen, Bob 12:30 Single 45000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 12:30 Single 45000
Lach, David 10:52 Single 39120
Lee, Matt DNS Single 999999995
Lim, Frank 12:44 Single 45840
Malek, Alard 12:30 Single 45000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 12:21 Single 44460
Nichol, Ross 9:16 Single 33360
Oxborough, Kyle 10:43 Single 38580
Perez, Christopher 10:19 Single 37140
Premack, Craig 10:24 Single 37440
Tarnava, Laura 10:24 Single 37440
van Wersch, Paul 9:16 Recumbent 33360 

(Scroll down for Kyle's Pre-Ride Notes)



Registration is now open for the AGM 200 'Triple F', using the link above.  Please submit your registration AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS prior to your intended start date.

** NEW (since 07 August) ** Registration now includes a new upload process for both an Annual Covid Waiver and a new Annual Event Waiver directly to BC Randonneurs database.  You also need to  login to the database to register. 

If you have any LOGIN PROBLEMS, contact and we will assist.

If you have any UPLOAD PROBLEMS (usually related to the number & type of files that can be accepted), please email your documents  in whatever file format you prefer, to and we will  upload them for you. 

You can download the Annual Covid Waiver from here and the Annual Event Waiver from here.

Once these waivers are verified by the Registration team, your waiver requirements are covered for this event and all others you may ride in 2020.  If you have any questions or difficulty with this new process, please contact us at registration@

The official ACP date for this event is the 3rd of October. However, due to the Covid situation, ACP has allowed our members to ride the event starting on any day within a defined Ride Window, which for this event is:

AGM 200 - 'Triple F' RIDE WINDOW:   Thursday 01 October to Sunday 11 October

At this time, we have placed no restrictions on overall event numbers nor on prior experience with randonneur events, however we may later impose such if we need to manage potential congestion. 

You may attempt the ride only once during the Ride Window.  No second chances allowed if you DNF (except in extraordinary circumstances).

It is not ‘business as usual’, as you will know from having reviewed our new Covid-19 Rules.  Follow the rules.  They support a careful restart to our sport, while protecting communities and respecting measures to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Contact if you have any questions.


NOTE: New version of routesheet and RidewithGPS updated 29 September.

Pre-Ride Notes from Organizer Kyle:

I’m dubbing this route “Triple-F” (Flat, Familiar, Full of construction). It hits all the classics: Stanley Park, Marine Drive at UBC, Iona, Steveston, Westham Island, Mud Bay Park, and a couple trips over the Alex Fraser. I had a great preride, with minimal traffic and lovely weather. There isn’t anything too tricky about the route, but there are some notes regarding construction, detours and closures, detailed below. I’ve updated the ridewithgps route and am working now on sorting out the control card and routesheet. Feel free to email me with any questions and I’ll do my best to clarify any of the points below. 


Coming down off of the Stanley Park Descent from Prospect Point, at Second Beach (approx. 17km) there are construction barriers and detour signs blocking access to Stanley Park Drive/Beach Avenue. The right lane beyond the barriers is closed to vehicle traffic but open to bikes. You want to continue past the barriers. There are two options here, you can wait for a break in traffic and bypass the barriers via the left lane, or you can mount the curb and go around via the grass on the right. 


The Reifel control has been moved back 1km to the Alaksen gate (128.7km). Reifel closes at 4pm daily and doesn’t open on Mondays, so this will ensure everyone is able to reach the control regardless of their start time or if they choose to ride on a Monday. If the Reifel gate is open, there are washrooms and water 1km further down the road. 


Westview Mini Park, along Westview Drive in Delta (170km) is on the left side. There is another park that you’ll pass before, Westview Park, on the right side, about 1km before. It’s hard to mistake them, but I did find myself wondering for a minute. Westview MINI Park is the one you want.


Winston Street in Burnaby and the Central Valley Greenway to Gilmore, the typical route back to Vancouver, are both closed due to construction, so the route now diverts up to Lougheed Highway via Brighton Street In Burnaby. 

To make up for the lost distance at this point and from the moving of the Reifel control, we will now take the traditional route around Stanley Park via Stanley Park drive, rather than up Pipeline. “