Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 12:20 Single 44400
Bhandar, Buddy 9:43 Single 34980
Fingler, Colin 9:54 Single 35640
Fishlock, Graham 10:40 Single 38400
Fowler, Fred 9:36 Single 34560
Galley, Luke 10:04 Single 36240
Karlen, Dean 9:25 Single 33900
Koen, Bob 12:20 Single 44400
Lennox, Philip 10:40 Single 38400
Litster, Gord DNF Single 999999998
McLaren, Keith 9:36 Single 34560
Payten, Mark 10:05 Single 36300
Runkel, Jim 10:40 Single 38400
Sparks, Erin 12:03 Single 43380
Sparks, Gary 12:03 Single 43380
Stary, Peter 8:46 Single 31560
Stedman, Roxanne 10:23 Single 37380
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 10:05 Single 36300
Tilitzky, Michael 10:22 Single 37320
Tough, Murray 8:58 Single 32280
White, David 9:43 Single 34980


Registration is now open for the “New Tour of Cowichan” 200. 

The official ACP date for this event is 18 July.  However, due to the Covid situation, ACP has allowed our members to ride the event starting on any day within a defined Ride Window, which for this event is:

'NEW TOUR OF COWICHAN' 200 RIDE WINDOW:   Wed 15 July to  Tue 21 July

Primary start location is at Tim Horton's in Mill Bay.  An alternate start location is available at Chevron Gas in Westholme.  If you choose the alternate start, you will need to update the route sheet and gps yourself.  Your control card will reflect the new start location.

At this time, we have placed no restrictions on overall event numbers nor on prior experience with randonneur events, however we may later impose such if we need to manage potential congestion. 

Check out the start slots available and view who is registered for which start time at New Tour of Cowichan Valley Start Time Grid


You need to submit your registration AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS prior to your specified start date.

This is our first Island event since the lockdown.  It is not ‘business as usual’, as you will know from having reviewed our new Covid-19 Rules.  Follow the rules.  They support a careful restart to our sport, while protecting communities and respecting measures to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Contact if you have any questions.



Parking--along Deloume Rd 100m past start.  Lots on weekends, limited on left side mid-week.  Limited parking on Barry Road (ignore no turn around!)

Kinsol Trestle was very busy.  Watch your social distancing!

Glenora Store (km 55.3) closed for rennovatons.  If you need supplies, use 7 - 11 at km 60.7--last services until Lake Cowichan (km 92.5)

Along the Cowichan Valley Trail from Lake Cowichan, road crossings have large rocks to the side, and a yellow post with a large triangle in the middle.  Watch your clearances.  Also on these road crossings, watch for bumps, dips, and loose gravel.  No serious issues if you're watching.

Overall, roads in the Shawnigan area are broken up, but rideable.  Gravel is all hard pack but watch for loose areas at side (I rode on 25mm tires without problem).  The rest of the route has reasonable pavement.  There are some challenging hills--come with low gears or very tough legs.



Tour of the Cowichan Valley, revived.  The original classic, now improved!  Starting in Mill Bay, around Shawnigan Lake, and onto the Cowichan Valley Trail (hard-pack gravel) to the first control at the Kinsol Trestle, at one time the highest railway trestle in the British Commonwealth.  Back onto pavement through Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, Cowichan Station and out to Glenora and the second control.  Into Duncan, and out towards Lake Cowichan, the route takes new (to this brevet) roads of Barnjum and Riverbottom, staying closer to the Cowichan River.  Through Lake Cowichan and dropping down Meade Creek Rd through the UBC demonstration forest, and onto Youbou, and control 3 at Arbutus Park.  Back through Lake Cowichan and onto the hard-pack gravel Cowichan Valley Trail towards Duncan.  Leaving the trail at Tansor, heading north with a small amount of highway, to control 4 at Sicker, and icecream or fresh fruit.  Taking Richard's Trail and into Maple Bay, following Quamichan Lake to Tzouhalem, and onto Cowichan Bay and Control 5 at the Robert Service Memorial.  Around Cherry Point, past vineyards, and back to the start.  Most of this route is on backroads or trail, with less than 10km of highway.  The route wanders aruond lakes, past farms, with mountain and ocean views, past orchards and vineyards.  The roads are a little busier than 33 years ago when we first ran this brevet, but the Cowichan Valley is still beautiful, and mostly quiet.