Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre DNS Single 999999995
Barreyre, Bernard 10:13 Single 36780
Bhandar, Buddy 10:23 Single 37380
Buckoll, Erin DNS Single 999999995
Chase, Barry 11:09 Single 40140
Croy, Michael DNS Single 999999995
Fishlock, Graham 11:05 Single 39900
Ford, Mark DNS Single 999999995
Fowler, Fred 9:57 Single 35820
Gidney, Holland DNS Single 999999995
Hinde, Stephen 10:47 Single 38820
Jansson, Mikael 10:56 Single 39360
Karlen, Dean 9:25 Single 33900
LaRose, Joyce DNS Tandem 999999995
Lennox, Philip 11:05 Single 39900
MacDonald, John 10:22 Single 37320
McLaren, Keith 9:57 Single 35820
Payten, Mark 10:43 Single 38580
Sommer, Timothy 10:22 Single 37320
Sparks, Erin 10:36 Single 38160
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) DNS Tandem 999999995
Tilitzky, Michael DNS Single 999999995
White, David 10:37 Single 38220
Woodley, Darryl 8:15 Single 29700

WATER.  Drinking water is in short supply on the route—the CRD has not turned on any public fountains, a COVID measure.  Because the route is primarily on trail, businesses are scarce.  You will pass a COOP Gas on Wale Rd in both directions, km 82 and km 145.2.  It is strongly recommended that you stop here to fill your bottles.  There are no convenience stores between Wale Rd and Sooke Potholes and return, so unless you take a detour (and you need to know where you’re going to do that) you’re out-of-luck for supplies.


Pre-ride determined that Ed Nixon Trail around Langford was not suitable for a brevet.  While very nice, it is narrow and crowded with other trail users.  Route modified to eliminate this stretch.  Some small changes near Sidney control to simplify route.

Construction on Harbour Rd at km 38.9 for 500m to extend Galloping Goose Trail from Johnston St Bridge to existing trail past Dockside Green.  You will be directed to ride in the traffic lane between cones, but no traffic!

Construction on Interurban Trail near km 170 for about 100m has made the trail rough.  Still rideable, if you can dodge the vehicles!  Otherwise, the Interurban Trail is in excellent condition. (Work is expected to be complete mid to late September, and road will be gravelled to same as the rest.)


A new route.  About as flat as we can make it.  On trail or quiet road for 90% of it.  Gravel stretches (about 90km) rideable on any bike.  Explore the old rail beds of Victoria--the Lochside Trail, once the Canadian Northern Pacific which crossed the (now) airport to Patricia Bay, and a little piece of the Victoria & Sidney line which ended in Sidney (and incidentally ran along what is now Veyaness (V&S) Road); the Esquimalt & Nanaimo (E&N), originally built by Robert Dunsmuir to serve the coal mines in Wellington (Nanaimo), and then sold to CPR; the Galloping Goose, part of the CN Railway. The Kinsol Trestle visited on the Cowichan Valley 200 was also part of this line as it ran to Lake Cowichan--it never made it all the way to Port Alberni; and finally, the Interurban trail on the old BC Electric rail line that went along Interurban Ave and Wallace Drive, and then through the (now) Victoria Airport, along Wilson Rd (on our route) and then Tatlow Rd to Deep Cove.