Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Biddlecombe, Erin 10:39 Single 38340
Cross, Peter 8:23 Single 30180
Fingler, Colin 11:00 Single 39600
Jackman, Patrick 11:00 Single 39600
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 11:37 Single 41820
Lach, David 11:37 Single 41820
Malek, Alard 11:06 Single 39960
Nygren, Rob 11:06 Single 39960
Ogawa, Shiro 12:14 Single 44040
Schilling, Christine 8:23 Single 30180
Sparks, Gary 12:14 Single 44040
Stary, Peter 7:51 Single 28260

Some short gravel stretches.  Cross the Englishman River on a suspension footbridge.  Cross the LIttle Qualicum River beside the waterfalls.  Visit Comox Lake for a swim to cool off.  And at the last control--the Cone Zone in Qualicum Bay--enjoy icecream while watching the boats go by on the strait.

Starbucks at the start opens at 6am.  The organizer will be there about 6:30 looking for coffee.  Hopefully, we'll see you then!