Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhandar, Buddy 9:40 Single 34800
Fergusson, Eric 8:12 Single 29520
Gallazin, Sarah 8:46 Single 31560
Henderson, Allen 8:46 Single 31560
Hinde, Carol 11:09 VP Single 40140
Hinde, Stephen 11:20 VP Single 40800
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 9:40 Single 34800
Lynch, Cheryl 8:46 Single 31560
Macmurchie, Dave 11:20 VP Single 40800
Malek, Alard 9:40 Single 34800
Oswald, John 8:12 Single 29520
Press, Nigel 7:14 Single 26040
Roberts, Clive 11:18 Single 40680
Stary, Peter 7:14 Single 26040
White, David 7:14 Single 26040

15 riders started, and finished, the inaugural Coombs-Cumberland Explorer. Of these, 6 earned their first banana of the year.

One flat from a rock on the highway, 2 flats from a staple through the tire, otherwise the ride was incident free.

Riders were treated to an unexpected event in Cumberland—BC Cup MTB series race. One rider even found himself in the start line up!

There are 2 short stretches of off road or rough gravel that will require walking. Be prepared for a stretch through Top Bridge park (km 6) of about 400m that is very difficult to cycle. At about 44km, the route uses trails within Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. While most of the 800m can be ridden on narrow tires, cycling is not permitted on park trails. Be discrete!

The route also uses 2 sections of multi-use trail. The first along the Courtenay Riverwalk (km 105 approx), can be very busy, so proceed slowly. The second along the Qualicum-Parksville bike route (km 185 approx) is usually fairly quiet, but again, use caution.

Control #3 (Cumberland Lake Park Campground) has seasonal intermittent hours. If the concession and office are closed, please self-check and record a piece of information that you gathered at the checkpoint.

Parking in Parksville can be difficult. The start (Coop Gas) is at the corner of Island Hwy and Corfield, an intersection with traffic lights. Take Corfield north towards the public beach, and then make a 180 deg right turn at the first street(Nerbus Lane). There is a gravel parking lot (mailboxes) that allows day parking (free).