Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 9:49 Single 35340000
Bonner, Kenneth 8:37 Single 31020000
Danicek, Will 9:30 Single 34200000
Fergusson, Eric 8:50 Single 31800000
Fishlock, Graham 9:37 Single 34620000
Ford, Mark 9:47 Single 35220000
Haynes, Melissa 9:54 Single 35640000
Hazelbower, Josh 13:10 Single 47400000
Hinde, Stephen 12:50 VP Single 46200000
Ignacio, Malou 8:50 Single 31800000
Jansson, Mikael 9:56 Single 35760000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 11:00 Single 39600000
Livingstone, David 11:30 Single 41400000
Macmurchie, Dave 12:27 VP Single 44820000
Mahovlic, Steve 9:54 Single 35640000
Malek, Alard 11:00 Single 39600000
Nygaard, Lorraine 12:50 VP Single 46200000
Oswald, John 8:50 Single 31800000
Payten, Mark 9:59 Single 35940000
Sexton, Robert 8:34 Single 30840000
Szabo, Vincent (Sandy) 9:54 Single 35640000
Tilitzky, Michael 9:37 Single 34620000
White, David 8:34 Single 30840000

The Somewhat Familiar 200 brevet is a nice way to end the season. The peninsula will have autumn leaves, and likely numerous deer. The Galloping Goose section has 35km of good chip seal (packed gravel) but it does have 2 steep hills after Roche Cove that require caution, or even a short walk. (Unless you're on your MTB.) And even if it is raining, the ride through the trees is mystical. If you're slow enough, you may even get to enjoy the live music at Kemp Lake.

The route sheet has been updated and a gpx file attached. Use them with caution--the official route is the sheet provided by the organizer at the start.