The June 3 600km Brevet will be the classic Cache Creek 600.

Preride-report Hot, bloody hot. Added a third water bottle for the ride.

I'm guessing HWY 1 was a major inspiration for this years pin design ????

The Good, Traffic was pretty light and quite considerate, almost always passing wide on HWY 1. Two peace signs, a handful of waves and some happy honks from drivers on our way up to Cache Creek.

Hope River General store (124km opens 8:30am) has a nice little deli with fresh made to order sandwiches.

The Inn at Spences Bridge has new mattresses and linen in all the rooms. Our dinner and sandwiches to go were delicious.

Second breakfast at the Canyon Alpine Restaurant (424km opens 7am) nice large portions as always.

The scenery is beautiful in the canyon.

Encountered some wildlife, three big horn sheep one little brown bear a few gophers and some chipmunks.

No rain no flats.

The Bad, From Deroche to Agassiz (50-75km) and Yale to Boston Bar (130-170km) the shoulder is in terrible shape. Use caution along theses sections.

The expansion joints on almost every bridge have a large gap and sink holes that could destroy a wheel.

Most of the tunnels have sunken grates along the shoulder and scattered pot holes. Do not draft though the tunnels or over the bridges!

Alexandra Bridge (149km) is having work done on it and is down to single lane traffic; be prepared to wait a few minutes.

If you will be finishing in the afternoon, mentally prepare yourself for heavy traffic from Agassiz to Maple Ridge.

To Consider, Lytton to Cache Creek (85km) is hilly and can get very hot; we had 37 degrees. Buy extra water in Lytton if needed.

Stopping at the Inn at Spences Bridge to rest and refuel before heading up to Cache Creek (2km off course) is recommended.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 37:38 Single 135480000
Bilinski, Jacques 36:53 Single 132780000
Caddick, Jodi 37:15 Single 134100000
Chase, Barry 38:35 Single 138900000
Cojocaru, Alex 24:28 Single 88080000
Danicek, Will 37:38 Single 135480000
den Braber, Rick 36:22 Single 130920000
Fingler, Colin 35:50 Single 129000000
Hagen, Mike 32:51 Single 118260000
Hagreen, Erik 37:15 Single 134100000
Hartline, Andrew DNF Single 999999999
Himschoot, Ron 37:38 Single 135480000
Hossack, Étienne 24:28 Single 88080000
Itterman, Corey 24:28 Single 88080000
King, Dave 30:57 Single 111420000
Koen, Bob 37:38 Single 135480000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 36:22 Single 130920000
Person, Ed 35:30 Single 127800000
Premack, Craig 30:57 Single 111420000
Press, Nigel 33:25 Single 120300000
Stary, Peter 33:25 Single 120300000
Szarecki, Maciej DNF Single 999999999
van Wersch, Paul 30:57 Single 111420000