Darren and I rode the 400 on May 9 in the heat.

KM 54 Control 1 - will be manned, and have water, bananas and cookies.

KM 84 Control 2 - Farmers Institute - info control. No water. Very easy descent to Hwy 7

KM 97 – water and food Dewdney store Hwy 7

KM 143 Control 3 Harrison Hot Springs Husky station - water and food - have card signed at station

KM 178 Tim Hortons/Saveon Foods - To save time think about buying and carrying enough food to last until KM 324 Abbotsford. This is what we did. The alternative is to stop at the General Store on the Chilliwack river road, or the Tractor Grease Pub. For water there is a tap at the Thompson Regional Park (48562 Chilliwack Lake road) We filled up our bottles here and refilled them after the descent.

KM 220 Chilliwack Lake Park At the park entrance at the top of a steep section of road. Info control no water. If you are low on water, don’t worry the descent is quick

KM 263 Cultus Lake C ommercial centre. We tried to get a piece of pizza there, but nothing was open. We were told that it might be possible to get a burger at the pub.

KM 270 or so, there is a steep uphill section, so bring good lights for the descent as you are in the middle of nowhere.

KM 275 Right on Iverson. The turn is signed, but easy to miss in the dark. My Garmin 1000 wanted me to carry on to Henderson on the Columbia Valley Highway , and I was off route while doing the circuit. Once I had done the full circuit the Garmin recovered the route again.

KM 280 Control 5 Info control no water

KM 324 Tim Hortons 1861 Sumas Way. In spite of the web site saying “open 24 hours” the front door was locked and only the drive by window was opened. Both Tim’s and McDonalds refused to serve us. This is because (for employee safety) they need CCTV footage of licence plates in case of trouble. Bikes are not motorized and do not have number plates, therefore they are not served. We got some food from a gas station through a hatch in the wall, the door to the store was locked. Apart from a hotel, there is no place to get warm inside a building, so bring enough warm clothes to survive a chilly night. I talked to the manager of Tim Hortons, and she said that they would relax the rules for the club and serve us at the drive through window early Sunday morning. I will remind them on Friday and again on Saturday. Buy enough food here to get to the finish

KM 361 Control 6 Fort Langley Husky - self sign card We thought that this was 24 hour, but it shut at 9 pm

Have a good ride, and Darren and I look forward to seeing you at the finish line

Ross Nichol

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