Once Over Pre-Ride Report

Pre-Ride Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019 Start Time: 6:10 am Weather: Rain and drizzle most of the day, moderate winds, temps about 6 degrees. Riders: Mark Payten, Dave White

The ride started in drizzle and was finished in drizzle.  The highway between Port Renfrew and Sooke had varying degrees of fog and mist to add to the ‘west coast spring’ atmosphere.  The temperatures hovered in the high single digits all day. 
The scenery along this route is spectacular and covers east, south and west coasts of the island with their differing topographies and vegetation.  
Road cycling conditions were for the most part good if one considers that the riding takes place on mainly secondary and tertiary roads.

Key points that Dave and I noted were as follows. • Crossing the highway on the first pedestrian overpass • to get onto the Galloping Goose Trail is tricky as it is under construction • The Goose at this point is also unpaved and under construction. • Shoulders are generally clear on the Malahat with occasional sections of debris from the windstorm of the April 6th. Exercise caution and stay vigilant! • Watch for potholes on the roads around Shawnigan Lake. • Tzouhalem Road is as rough to ride as ever! • Pacific Marine Road was in good shape except for one big sink hole measuring about 1 metre in diameter in the middle of the pavement around Lizard Lake • There are multiple one lane bridges on Pacific Marine Road. Be careful. • Near the top of the Climb out of Port Renfrew there is a huge part of the road slumped away in the oncoming lane. They have it blocked of with barriers and pylons. It forces oncoming traffic into your lane. • The eastbound travel lane of the West Coast Road is slumped on the seaward side in many spots leaving ruts. Keep your eyes open.
• In Sooke the road shoulder can be wide in points but end abruptly sometimes with a concrete curb directly in front of you. • There is no cell phone service between Lake Cowichan and Otter Point by Sooke. Port Renfrew is the only place for services between these two spots. These are Dave and my observations from April 11th. Cycling conditions can change quickly. Stay vigilant and be prepared. It is a beautiful route.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bhandar , Buddy 16:25* Single 59100000
Bonner, Kenneth 15:38* Single 56280000
Brede, Alex 13:56* Single 50160000
Fishlock, Graham 14:25* Single 51900000
Galley, Luke 15:45* Single 56700000
Jansson, Mikael 15:45* Single 56700000
Karlen, Dean 13:15* Single 47700000
Litster, Gord 15:05* Single 54300000
MacDonald, John 14:10* Single 51000000
McLaren, Keith 15:05* Single 54300000
Nygren, Rob 16:25* Single 59100000
Payten, Mark 17:40* VP Single 63600000
Sommer, Timothy 14:10* Single 51000000
Tilitzky, Michael 16:25* Single 59100000
White, David 17:40* VP Single 63600000