Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 21:52 Single 78720
Baker, Gary 25:33 Single 91980
Chase, Barry 25:26 Single 91560
Cullum, Chris 18:04 Single 65040
den Braber, Rick 25:33 Recumbent 91980
Fergusson, Eric 24:36 Single 88560
Fingler, Colin 20:38 Single 74280
Green, Victoria 21:52 Single 78720
Hartline, Andrew 15:49 Single 56940
Ignacio, Malou 18:04 Tandem 65040
King, Dave 17:46 VP Single 63960
Koen, Bob DNF Single 999999998
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 25:07 Single 90420
Malek, Alard 25:07 Single 90420
Mudrakoff, Jeff 24:42 Single 88920
Nichol, Ross 21:52 Single 78720
Ogden, Russel 18:38 Single 67080
Oswald, John 18:04 Tandem 65040
Person, Ed 20:28 Single 73680
Premack, Craig 17:48 Single 64080
Press, Nigel 15:19 Single 55140
Stary, Peter 18:24 Single 66240
Szarecki, Maciej 25:27 Single 91620
van Wersch, Paul 17:46 VP Single 63960


Registration is now open for the 'Sunshine' 400, using the link above.  You need to submit your registration AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS prior to your specified start date.

** NEW NEW ** Registration now includes a new upload process for both an Annual Covid Waiver and a newAnnual Event Waiver directly to BC Randonneurs database. 

UPDATE 2020 Aug 07:  Due to PROBLEMS with the Upload Process related to the number & type of files that can be accepted, please email your completed Annual Event Waiver (which you can download from here) in whatever file format you prefer, to and we will  upload them for you.  Note that there is no need to send an Annual Covid Waiver, if you have previously registered for an earlier event since the restart.

Once these waivers are verified by the Registration team, your waiver requirements are covered for this event and all others you may ride in 2020.  If you have any questions or difficulty with this new process, please contact us at registration@

The official ACP date for this event is the 8th of August. However, due to the Covid situation, ACP has allowed our members to ride the event starting on any day within a defined Ride Window, which for this event is:

'Sunshine' 400 RIDE WINDOW:   Thursday 6 August to Sunday 16 August

At this time, we have placed no restrictions on overall event numbers nor on prior experience with randonneur events, however we may later impose such if we need to manage potential congestion. 

You may attempt the ride only once during the Ride Window.  No second chances allowed if you DNF (except in extraordinary circumstances).

Check out the start slots available and view who is registered for which start time at Sunshine 400 Start Time Grid.

It is not ‘business as usual’, as you will know from having reviewed our new Covid-19 Rules.  Follow the rules.  They support a careful restart to our sport, while protecting communities and respecting measures to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Contact if you have any questions.


NOTE: New version of routesheet and RidewithGPS updated August 6.

Pre-Ride Notes from Dave:

Start Points – In addition to the Vancouver start, there will be controls allowing for starts in Maple Ridge and Mission.

Controls – all are info controls. Don't forget your pen! We used existing stickers or signs for all but 2, which we used our own stickers for. Guess which ones are ours.

Routefinding – Burns Drive, paralleling Highway 99 in Delta (after Ladner Trunk Road and by the Landfill and Highway 17) can be a little challenging, especially if you have never ridden it, and will do so in the dark. You want to maintain parallel with Highway 99. There are a few pictures to help you, but remember, it might be darker than it shows in the pictures.

1st clue on Burns Drive – km 363.4

Picture 1

Next clue on Burns Drive – if you go straight you go to the landfill

Picture 2

3rd and final clue on Burns Drive- this is immediately after coming out of underpass

Picture 3

Food - food is available in many places. A great variety of gas stations. Many fast food establishments. A few larger grocery stores in Mission, Hope, Chilliwack. Don't forget to wear a mask.

Things to watch out for….

Noise – if you are riding on the weekend, there may be a bit more ‘vacationer’ traffic. You are on highway for a good chunk of time and if you have earplugs, it will help to minimize the noise.

Road debris – of varying types….wood, metal, plastic, glass. We saw it all on the preride. If you are so inclined, and in need, there was a crowbar on the highway east of Maple Ridge. I thought of picking it up, but we still had 350km to go, and it was hard to figure out how to strap it on.

Things of (questionable) interest

There were groups of people hanging out on 0 Avenue, chatting, on opposite sides of the border. They were socially distant. There were also 3 American customs officials vehicles, doing their part to keep their country safe. I think it was because many people are thinking “hey, I would like to be south of the 49th right now, given all that is happening”.

Of all the trucks with 4 wheel quads you see driving around, I think they are all going to Sunshine Valley. Seems like a good way to get from the camping area to the store, which is all the way across the street.

We did see a few owls after dark. This was interesting actually, no question.