Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary 9:43 VP Single 34980
Bonga, Anna 9:37 Single 34620
Chase, Barry 10:02 Single 36120
Chen, Feng 9:37 Single 34620
Clark, Kris 10:17 Single 37020
den Braber, Rick 9:43 VP Single 34980
Deslauriers, Vincent DNF Single 999999998
Hagen, Mike 6:57 Single 25020
Kelly, Joe 10:17 Single 37020
King, Dave 7:52 Single 28320
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 11:25 Single 41100
Lui, Maurice Ka Ho 12:00 Single 43200
Madden, Graham 9:11 Single 33060
Malek, Alard 11:25 Single 41100
Malette, Nicole 10:17 Single 37020
Nygren, Rob 9:37 Single 34620
Ogden, Russel 7:20 Single 26400
Person, Ed 7:55 Single 28500
Premack, Craig 6:57 Single 25020
Schroeder, Jonny 9:11 Single 33060
Sparks, Gary 9:37 Single 34620
Stewart, Sam 9:11 Single 33060

The route starts in Fort Langley and goes out to Chilliwack and back, with the Fort Pub as the finish line and the boat launch park as the start where you can park no charge.

Note that the posted rwgps route is now final. (21 Sept)

 Pre Ride Report (10 Sept)

The conditions for the pre ride were ideal. Not too hot or cold with sun and and minimal winds. There are some hills on the course which starts at Marina Park in Fort Langley. There is plenty of parking in Marina Park and there is an outhouse at the end adjacent to the boat launch. The ride is scheduled to start at 0700 hrs. (7 AM ) We encountered a number of spots on the route that are or may be affected by the Pipeline Construction project. We have re routed around these areas and will check closer to the start of the ride to make any last moment corrections. We generated a new GPS track with Ride with GPS and hopefully this will be up soon. Make sure you have a current route sheet as well when you register for the ride and listen to the pre ride briefing for the latest updates. The beginning part of the rides involves a few hills to get out and on your way to Abbotsford but they are not major climbs for the majority of riders. Once you get onto Harris road it becomes predominantly flat out to the Tim Hortons in Rosedale just before the roundabout at Highway 9 on Yale road. One control of note is the Chevron station at Number 3 road. It is on the right side of the road and can be a quick stop to control or a nice stop for a break and a coffee? Services include a washroom, a Starbucks, a White Spot, a small store and very nice staff who were more than willing to give us ice and water to fill our water bottles. This is across from the Yellow Barn which is still closed from the flood damage. 

The pipeline cuts through Yarrow and there is a section of alternating traffic but this is supposed to be completed by ride day.

The return puts you back through Chilliwack with services but you may want to push on to Birchwood Dairy for an ice cream break. Of note the wind usually picks up about 1300 hrs (1PM) from the West so a headwind. 

There is one more control in Huntington near the Sumas border crossing. Vye road is closed for a train over pass build so there is no access. The reroute makes an easier climb.

We encountered numerous train crossings but were fortunate to only have to wait for one train. Our time was 9:43 with all the stops for route planning and a few back tracks etc you should be able to do the ride well within the allowable time limits.

We are currently experiencing heavy smoke in Chilliwack from fires in Hope and the US so I’m hoping for a bit of rain and a Westerly breeze to blow it away and than a nice day on the 24th. Pre registration is open now so see you soon!