Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre DNS Tandem 999999995
Baker, Gary 18:32 Single 66720
Bonner, Kenneth DNS Single 999999995
Chase, Barry DNF Single 999999998
den Braber, Rick DNF Single 999999998
Fergusson, Eric 19:58 Single 71880
Fowler, Fred 15:33 Single 55980
King, Dave 13:36 Single 48960
Premack, Craig 13:36 Single 48960
Press, Nigel 13:36 Single 48960
Tough, Murray 15:33 Single 55980
van Wersch, Paul 14:30 Recumbent 52200

The SRW 300 first heads north to Coombs, using mostly secondary roads.  Returning past Parksville takes you through Top Bridge, and a short gravel stretch, but the river crossing is amazing.  After the highway from Nanoose, you're back on secondary roads around Nanaimo, and a climb out to Extension.  There is some highway into Ladsymith which is mostly flat with a good shoulder.  Services through Ladysmith are mostly at the north end, shortly after leaving the highway.  From the south end of Ladysmith it's back on the highway to Chemainus.  From here, you are on secondary roads to Genoa Bay, Cowichan Bay, to Mill Bay where you head north again.  Cobble Hill, Cowichan Station, Glenora have stretches of potholes, so watch the descents.  Through Duncan, and a small stretch of gravel trail, and north through Chemainus back to Ladysmith and some short highway stretches to Cedar, and then back into Nanaimo.

Secondary roads throughout the Cowichan Valley are crumbling, so watch for pots.  There are some short steep hills so bring your low gears.  Services are available throughout.

If driving to the start, parking can be found on Highland Blvd to the north of Brooks Landing.