Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre DNS Single 999999995
Baker, Gary 17:25 Single 62700
Cullum, Chris 12:42 VP Single 45720
Fergusson, Eric DNF Single 999999998
Gottlieb, Mike 15:52 Single 57120
Hossack, Étienne 12:03 Single 43380
King, Dave 14:06 Single 50760
Martin, Michael 10:12 Single 36720
Mudrakoff, Jeff 15:52 Single 57120
Nichol, Keith 17:25 Single 62700
Nichol, Ross 17:25 Single 62700
Ogden, Russel 14:47 Single 53220
Poon, Dara 14:06 Single 50760
Press, Nigel 12:42 VP Single 45720
Qi, Douglas 12:43 Single 45780
Rapier, Andrew 12:03 Single 43380
Stary, Peter 14:57 Single 53820
Tough, Murray 15:52 Single 57120
van Wersch, Paul 14:20 Recumbent 51600


A more gentle Spring 300 was requested and this route is fairly chill. Head east from central Vancouver, South across the border at Sumas through Bellingham and then down the Chuckanut to Edison. Head back to Vancouver on the west side route.

*Pre-Ride Notes*:

Pre-ride was done with Nigel P last Saturday. A nice pleasant route that most will enjoy I think. Controls are nicely spaced about 60km apart at the relative extremities of the route. All are info controls but there are many services, either at the Controls or at your choice along the route. The ride will be largely unsupported other than encouragement at the Start/Finish.

The traffic was relatively mild, it helps starting early going through Dewdney Trunk and Mission. Exercise caution while heading toward the Mission/Abbotsford Bridge as traffic merges in from the right before crossing over (take the bridge sidewalk). The route south down to Agate Bay and along Lake Whatcom was particularly nice. There's a second info control at the junction at "The Fork" restaurant. Route passes through Bellingham and down the Chucknut with the turnaround point at Edison. The info Control is the Edison Firehouse opposite Tweets Cafe. Grab something to eat in Edison, we found the Edison Diner had less of a lineup than others. Head back North for a second helping of the Chuckanut and the familiar coastal route back to Canada. After negotiating Surrey get to the Alex Fraser by way of the Lower Trail (which we normally call the "Upper Trail"). It was a bit muddy in spots and a short construction area just before getting back up onto the roadway at the end. From the Bridge it's the classic Richmond River Rd to the Canada Line and on to enjoy a cold artesenal beer at Portland Craft on Main St.

See you Saturday!