Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Baker, Gary DNS* Single 999999995
Cullum, Chris DNF* Single 999999998
Goodison, Bob FIN* Single 999999993
Gottlieb, Mike FIN* Single 999999993
Hartline, Andrew DNF* Single 999999998
Himschoot, Ron FIN* Single 999999993
Hossack, Étienne DNF* Single 999999998
King, Dave FIN* Single 999999993
Koen, Bob FIN* Single 999999993
Kuchenmuller, Manfred FIN* Single 999999993
Malek, Alard FIN* Single 999999993
Mudrakoff, Jeff FIN* Single 999999993
Neifer, Roy FIN* Single 999999993
Ogden, Russel FIN* Single 999999993
Rapier, Andrew DNF* Single 999999998
Tough, Murray FIN* Single 999999993
van Wersch, Paul FIN* Recumbent 999999993

*** You must be on a team to register for this event; any Club member can organize a team ***

Team captains should email a scan of their completed 2024 Team Registration form (Excel or PDF) to Gary Baker <contact> and Colin Fingler <contact>

All Team members should register for this Fleche event individually (using the 'Register for this Ride' link above) as you would a brevet i.e. entering your details, signing the release agreement and paying the event fee on-line.  

Please use the "Wit or Wisdom" or "Notes to Organizer" section to identify your team name on your individual registration.

Event fee of $60 includes the Sunday morning brunch - 9 am 28 April - Chilliwack Coast Hotel, 45920 First Ave, Chilliwack

Non-rider guests are welcome to attend the brunch for a fee of $40.  Send an email with the details to and an etransfer to (please include a note in the comments)

For more details about the event:

Deadline for entry is Monday 22 April to allow us time to review your route and make up control cards (but we might stretch that if you ask nicely)

Gary & Colin


1. If you want to ride the Trace (min 201 km) instead of the Fleche (min 360 km), you need to register for that event using its own link from the Schedule.