Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 17:03 VP Single 61380000
Barr, Susan 14:39 Single 52740000
Caddick, Jodi 15:50 Single 57000000
Clark, Steven 14:39 Single 52740000
Cullum, Chris 17:03 VP Single 61380000
Danicek, Will 17:45 Single 63900000
den Braber, Rick 14:58 Single 53880000
Eldridge, Robert 15:23 Single 55380000
Fergusson, Eric 17:03 VP Single 61380000
Fingler, Colin 14:39 Single 52740000
Guzman, Jaime 14:31 Single 52260000
Hagen, Mike 12:06 Single 43560000
Hagreen, Erik 13:58 Single 50280000
Hartline, Andrew 12:15 Single 44100000
Himschoot, Ron 17:17 Single 62220000
Hopcraft, Francis 14:20 Single 51600000
Hossack, Étienne 12:15 Single 44100000
Ignacio, Malou 17:03 VP Tandem 61380000
Jones, Meyrick 14:31 Single 52260000
King, Dave 13:07 Single 47220000
Koen, Bob 17:17 Single 62220000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 17:17 Single 62220000
Maurer, Bill 15:57 Single 57420000
McIntosh, Michael 14:20 Single 51600000
Moloney, Luke 15:57 Single 57420000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 14:58 Single 53880000
Neifer, Roy 15:49 Single 56940000
Nichol, Ross 15:23 Single 55380000
Ogawa, Shiro 17:45 Single 63900000
Oswald, John 17:03 VP Tandem 61380000
Press, Nigel 10:33 Single 37980000
Simpson, Daniel 12:29 Single 44940000
Stary, Peter 13:58 Single 50280000
Szarecki, Maciej 18:31 Single 66660000
Vercammen, James 14:20 Single 51600000
Wyne, Theo 16:52 Single 60720000

Introducing the Hemlock Valley 300

Despite it's name this route does not solely meander tranquilly through valley roads, although there is a generous supply of that. There are some tough, yet scenic hills out there. From my other 300 routes you may find the hills of Dewdney Trunk and Stava Lake familiar. The eponymous Hemlock Valley road that heads towards the ski area may not be. The first 3km is viciously steep but relents in the last km before the turnaround control at the end of the paved section. Onward towards the east, the route takes the much loved Hwy 7 until diverting around Agassiz. The Rosedale-Agassiz Connector is not the best crossing but is mercifully less busy on the weekend this time of year. The route then follows quiet, flat roads of Ferry/Camp River/Hope River for ~15km. There is a right onto a mixed use path that continues by the water. Stay straight on this as it becomes a narrow trail and continue straight past a school until continuing straight on to Dike Rd. Lower Landing Rd will be off to your right. The route then winds around Chilliwack Mtn and up unforgiving Old Orchard Rd where you will find an Information Control. You leave the hills behind you for a while as you head south via a short section of gravel by Vedder Canal as you make your way to the oasis of Birchwood Dairy. This is again an info control as the store closes at 18:00 (although many of you should arrive in time for ice cream). The route pushes on north from there over Sumas Mtn via Whatcom Rd for an info control. You will then travel the familiar territory to Fort Langley where you have a choice of stops. The Fort Pub may not be the quickest choice but there is Guinness on tap. The home stretch stitches west and over the bike lane on the Port Mann Bridge. From there a respite from the Lougheed by way of Government/Winston before the final pedal strokes to the venerable Knight & Day.

Notes from John & Malou:

John: "I really enjoyed the scenery, the new (to me) roads and the challenge of this route. Chris' 300km rides (Crouching Rat, Ryder Lake and the new Hemlock Abridged) rank among the most memorable I've done in four years with the club. This ride added more new roads and challenges that won't soon be forgotten. Bonus points for avoiding highly trafficked roads and for a wide variety of dining options. We enjoyed: gas station pizza in Hatzic, snacks at Birchwood Dairy, burgers with an adult nutrient replacement drink at the Fort Pub and hot beverages with dessert at Knight and Day."


Some people love hills--that heart-pounding, leg-burning challenge of reaching the top. I am not one of those people. Are there hills? Yes. Some are gradual, others are kind of long and steep: Stave Lake, Hemlock, Woodside (gentler side), Chilliwack Mountain, Whatcom. That said, there are also opportunities for recovery. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for climbing, I found this ride rather enjoyable. Maybe it was the new-to-me roads. Maybe it was the company. Maybe it was the pizza at the Hatzic Husky...? Whatever this ride brings you, just make sure you look up and enjoy the view.

See you on Saturday!

Bonne route, -Chris