Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bernhardt, Luis 9:29 Single 34140000
Bilinski, Jacques 9:37 Single 34620000
Bonner, Kenneth 9:29 Single 34140000
Croy, Brynne 11:20 Tandem 40800000
Fergusson, Eric 9:37 Single 34620000
Fishlock, Graham 10:00 Single 36000000
Ford, Mark 10:00 Single 36000000
Galley, Luke 9:29 Single 34140000
Higgins, Murray 9:08 Single 32880000
Hinde, Stephen 13:13 VP Single 47580000
Ignacio, Malou 9:37 Single 34620000
LEE, Rosemary 11:20 Tandem 40800000
Lynch, Cheryl 9:29 Single 34140000
Macmurchie, Dave DNF Single 999999999
Nygaard, Lorraine 13:13 VP Single 47580000
Nygren, Rob 11:27 Single 41220000
Olmstead, Greg DNF Single 999999999
Oswald, John 9:37 Single 34620000
Press, Nigel 9:29 Single 34140000
Sparks, Gary 9:29 Single 34140000
Sutherland, Robert 8:42 Fixed 31320000

.The ride starts in Esquimalt, and then follows the scenic route counter-clockwise around the Saanich Peninsula to Sidney. Up to the ferry and then continue around the west side of the Peninsula (with a few detours to admire the country side) into Saanich. At km 100 the route differs from previous versions due to construction on the Galloping Goose Trail, but with a small detour you are back on the rail trail. There is another small change at km 112 to avoid a dangerous crossing of Sooke Rd. While the Galloping Goose starts as a paved trail, it soon becomes a hard-pack gravel trail through canopies of leaves, fields, lakes, and ocean views. Watch the two steep hills at km 130 and 131. Leave the Goose at km 138.5 to then circle around Sooke past Kemp Lake (which you can't see!) and down the the coast. West Coast Road is busy, but after a few kilometers you are back on the quiet roads through Metchosin and after crossing Coburg Peninsula and Esquimalt Lagoon, you are back on rail trails to the finish.