Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Alcaide, Carlos 9:49 Single 35340
Arscott, Deirdre 8:52 Tandem 31920
Bailey, George 9:49 Single 35340
Barr, Susan 8:52 Single 31920
Bogle, Kevin 9:49 Single 35340
Bonga, Anna 8:41 VP Tandem 31260
Brownfield, Adam 9:49 Single 35340
Caddick, Jodi 11:07 Single 40020
Chase, Barry 9:34 Single 34440
Cojocaru, Alex 7:42 Single 27720
Danicek, Will 8:45 Single 31500
Fergusson, Eric 8:45 Single 31500
Hagen, Mike 8:41 VP Tandem 31260
Hall, Phil 11:07 Single 40020
Himschoot, Ron 10:29 Single 37740
Hood, Andrew 9:49 Single 35340
Hossack, Étienne 6:49 Single 24540
Ignacio, Malou 7:52 Tandem 28320
Lach, David 10:40 Single 38400
Lynch, Cheryl 8:52 Single 31920
Martinez, Vera 9:34 Single 34440
McIntosh, Michael 7:52 Single 28320
Mudrakoff, Jeff 8:52 Single 31920
Ogden, Russel DNF Single 999999998
Oswald, John 7:52 Tandem 28320
Oxborough, Kyle 8:45 Single 31500
Palme, Siegfried DNF Single 999999998
Press, Nigel 8:41 VP Single 31260
Sebestova, Andrea 9:49 Single 35340
Sexton, Robert 8:43 Single 31380
Siemens, Diella 8:52 Single 31920
Simpson, Daniel 8:52 Single 31920
Stary, Peter 8:52 Tandem 31920
Szarecki, Maciej 10:29 Single 37740
Taylor, Morgan 9:49 Single 35340
Taylor, Stephanie 9:49 Single 35340
van Wersch, Paul 8:52 Recumbent 31920

Pre-ride report:

Anna and I on the tandem and Nigel did a volunteer pre-ride on Saturday. This is a very flat course, only 400 m of climbing, and half of that is the two trips over the Alex Fraser Bridge. Even though the route doesn't get far from home (for most of you) hopefully it will introduce some new roads and take you to some unfamiliar destinations.

Please be aware that parking is very limited at Port Royal Park early on Saturday mornings. Your best bet is along Star Crescent north of the railway overpass, but be prepared to hunt for a spot and ride to the start.

Two tweaks to the route as a result of the pre-ride: we're now going north on Nordel coming off the Alex Fraser Bridge and going under the SFPR on West Mill Access to pick up the bike route to River Road. This is will avoid the need to cross two lanes of right-turning traffic at the 91 Connector and SFPR intersection. The other tweak fixes the oopsy of going the wrong way down a one-way street in Tsawwassen. That is not normally a good idea!

There is some construction on the route. There may be detours on River Road in Delta. Neither detour is a big deal; they add a couple of hundred meters at the most. There is also construction on 52nd St in Tsawwassen which sends cars down our bike path; be careful there. The bike route through Tsawwassen between 52nd St and Beach Grove is fairly intuitive; just keep your eyes open for bike route signs.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and there will be a good view of the North Shore mountains, Mount Baker, and the Vancouver Island peaks. Sometimes it's nice to look at hills instead of climbing them. So keep your head up!