Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 10:47 Single 38820
Baker, Gary DNS Single 999999995
Bratic, Zeljko DNF Single 999999998
Briggs, Taylor 11:26 Single 41160
Chase, Barry 11:25 Single 41100
Cullum, Chris 8:22 Single 30120
Fergusson, Eric 11:50 Single 42600
Fingler, Colin 12:02 Single 43320
Hartline, Andrew DNS Single 999999995
Igmen, Pol 11:30 Single 41400
King, Dave 8:45 Single 31500
Koen, Bob 11:40 Single 42000
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 11:40 Single 42000
Lach, David 12:16 Single 44160
Malek, Alard 11:40 Single 42000
Mudrakoff, Jeff 10:29 Single 37740
Nichol, Ross 10:47 Single 38820
Ogawa, Shiro 12:42 Single 45720
Perez, Christopher 11:30 Single 41400
Person, Ed 9:55 Single 35700
Premack, Craig 10:57 VP Single 39420
Reda, Daniele 8:55 Single 32100
Sparks, Gary 10:22 Single 37320
Tarnava, Laura 10:57 VP Single 39420

Preride Report from Craig and Laura

Acquire latest version of the route sheet, Nigel has made a couple tweaks in the last week. 
We drove to the start and parked for free at 2nd & St Andrews. There is also free parking on Esplanade as it turns into Low Rd.
Our ride started in the dark, cars were frosty but the roads were fine. The climb up to Hwy 1 was a nice opportunity to warm up.
Highway traffic was light, apparently we hit the shoulder between mountain bike and ski season in Whistler. 
After Horseshoe Bay we hit the 35 km/hr Arctic outflow winds head on, it was challenging. Hopefully you will have more favourable conditions.
At Porteau Cove we had to stop completely for a safe left hand turn. The Sea To Sky was totally in the shade. We didn’t warm up until after Horseshoe Bay on the return trip, that’s when we finally saw sun.
Our numb digits thawed on the Spanish Banks climb on NW Marine. Warm dress is essential this time of year. 
Most of the climbing is in the first 100. This made for a faster second half along some familiar roads. 
Please have a safe ride!