Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 8:20 Tandem 30000
Baker, Gary 10:37 Single 38220
Bonner, Kenneth DNS Single 999999995
Chase, Barry 11:28 Single 41280
den Braber, Rick 11:28 Single 41280
Fergusson, Eric 11:51 Single 42660
Fowler, Fred 8:20 Single 30000
Heydari, Amir DNF Single 999999998
King, Dave 8:20 Single 30000
Lynch, Cheryl DNS Single 999999995
Malek, Alard 11:28 Single 41280
Philcox, Nigel 8:40 Single 31200
Press, Nigel 8:20 Tandem 30000
Schilling, Christine 8:40 Single 31200
Stary, Peter 7:54 Single 28440
Tough, Murray 8:40 Single 31200
Townsend, Christopher 7:54 Single 28440
van Wersch, Paul 8:27 Recumbent 30420

Note 6am start

A version of the original route, the start/finish has been moved north into Nanaimo as part of Super Randonneur Week.  Favourites such as Crofton and Yellowpoint were sacrificed to bring the distance back down to 200km.

This route uses the Cowichan Valley Trail from Duncan to Lake Cowichan in both directions, as well as the Cowichan Valley Trail from Chemainus to Ladysmith.  All gravel is in good condition and rideable on any bike.

There are many services along the route.  

Parking is available along HIghland Blvd north of the start, below the highway.