Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 15:58 Tandem 57480
Baker, Gary 23:18 Single 83880
Bonner, Kenneth DNS Single 999999995
Chase, Barry DNS Single 999999995
den Braber, Rick 23:18 Single 83880
Fergusson, Eric 24:05 Single 86700
Fish, Lee 22:22 Single 80520
King, Dave 18:42 VP Single 67320
Koen, Bob 23:18 Single 83880
Mudrakoff, Jeff 23:18 Single 83880
Nygren, Rob 23:15 VP Single 83700
Premack, Craig 15:58 Single 57480
Press, Nigel 15:58 Tandem 57480
Sparks, Gary 23:18 Single 83880
Tough, Murray 19:48 Single 71280
van Wersch, Paul DNS Recumbent 999999995

The 3rd event of Super Randonneur Week.  Visit the 49th parallel, and the 50th parallel, all in one day.  This route doesn't provide many navigational challenges, but you have to read the plaques at the 2 parallels to answer the secret question.  Much of the route is on major secondary road or old highway, but you also visit Beachcomber Park in Nanoose, LIttle River in Comox, and Cumberland.