Pre-ride completed, and some changes to the route. 1. minor instruction updates 2. finalized Cumberland control 3. Removed Little Qualicum Falls segment (park closed). 4. Moved last control to Qualicum Bay

Stephen, Nigel, and Allen left Parksville under cool cloudy skies. The gravel town into Top Bridge (at 5km) is ok to ride, but may have a few loose sections, so go slowly. We rode the full stretch, but dismounted to go around the gates. Through Englishman River Park there is a lot of blow-down, and this is why Little Qualicum Falls park is closed--a major windstorm in December caused major damage which is still being cleaned up, and the park is full of heavy equipment. The alternate route is actually navigationally easier, but not as scenic. At kilometer 66.6 Nigel suffered our only mechanical--a nasty piece of metal shard in the rear wheel. Good thing we're not superstitious! After a brief stop at Buckley Bay control, we headed into Courtenay. It was here that we detoured so that Stephen could go to Service BC to renew his driver's license. Back on route, we followed the Riverway walkway. Take care along here, and watch your speed--it is a multi-use trail with blind corners and a few root worms. We arrived at Cumberland Lake Park (on Comox Lake!) to admire the new washroom building, and the yet to be completed concession stand, so we picked an information control. Back into Cumberland for lunch, we tried Tarbells Deli and Espresso. Sound good? They had run out of food, so we went across the street to Biblio Taco. Well, the food was good, but the service was extremely slow--not recommended for mid-ride. There are several other options in Cumberland, including a small supermarket. The ride back to Qualicum Beach is straight forward, but we suffered a little in the headwind that was developing. I decided to move control #4 to avoid turning left into the ferry terminal area, and also to move it a little further away from our lunch in Cumberland. So on event day, you get to visit The Cone Zone. We had a nine hour ride with 2 hours (flat tire, driver's license, slow cafe being the majority) of stops. A pleasant, if cool ride.


Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Allwood, David 8:35* Single 30900000
Baker, Gary 9:41* Single 34860000
Bonner, Kenneth 8:04* Single 29040000
Fergusson, Eric 9:31* Single 34260000
Henderson, Allen 11:11* VP Single 40260000
Hinde, Stephen 11:11* VP Single 40260000
King, Dave 7:43* Single 27780000
Kinos, John 10:14* Single 36840000
Lee, Kang 10:42* Single 38520000
MacDonald, John 7:57* Single 28620000
Mann, Michael 10:14* Single 36840000
Ogawa, Shiro 10:42* Single 38520000
Philcox, Nigel 11:11* VP Single 40260000
Robertson, David 8:10* Single 29400000
Sommer, Timothy 7:57* Single 28620000
Tilitzky, Michael 8:10* Single 29400000
van Wersch, Paul 7:43* Recumbent 27780000