Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 37:43 VP Single 135780
Baker, Gary 38:25 Single 138300
Bilinski, Jacques 37:58 Single 136680
Bonga, Anna 37:31 Single 135060
Chase, Barry 38:25 Single 138300
den Braber, Rick 38:25 Single 138300
Fergusson, Eric 34:45 Single 125100
Fingler, Colin 36:08 Single 130080
Koen, Bob 37:31 Single 135060
Mudrakoff, Jeff 39:18 Single 141480
Nichol, Ross 37:43 VP Single 135780
Ogawa, Shiro DNF Single 999999998
Ogden, Russel 28:33 Single 102780
Premack, Craig 32:52 Single 118320
Press, Nigel 28:11 Single 101460
Rapier, Andrew 35:45 Single 128700
Subarsky, Patrick 35:45 Single 128700
Tough, Murray 36:29 Single 131340
van Wersch, Paul 35:30 Recumbent 127800

Yes, I know the Tsawwassen-Tsawwassen-Tsawwassen is not everyone’s favourite route.  It’s too familiar and it lacks a sense of adventure but it is definitely doable.  Two of our riders turn 80 this year and there are now several in their mid-70’s. I was hoping this route would encourage some of the older riders in the club to complete the super randonneur series.  

Notes after pre-ride:

New route posted on Monday July 26, before registration opened.

Please remember that this is a long weekend.  Outgoing traffic will be heavy on Friday and incoming will be heavy on Monday.

Last year I found this route easy enough (for a 600).  This year the heat and headwinds conspired against us.  I found it hard!

The Hwy 1 eastbound section had to be removed as construction has reduced the shoulder to about one meter and it is covered in gravel.  We had to walk several kilometers and we were both frightened by the traffic. There were no signs telling cyclists not to take the route. Of course that means that the revised route now takes the Rosedale-Agassiz Bridge which has no shoulder. Be aware of the traffic as you cross. The route now uses Hwy 7 and then Hwy 1 to the turn around at the Hope River Store near Yale.

At the start, the route follows the Mud Bay Dyke (gravel) out to Colebrook Rd. On the return, many riders didn't like riding the gravel in the dark so the route now returns on  paved roads and then has just the last few kilometres on the gravel.

Many of the services are noted on the route sheet. Please stay hydrated.