Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Anaud, Ian 11:30 Single 41400
Arscott, Deirdre 12:27 Single 44820
Barr, Susan 10:18 Single 37080
Bilinski, Jacques 11:44 Single 42240
Buckoll, Erin 9:55 Single 35700
Chase, Barry 10:48 Single 38880
Clark, Steven 8:57 Single 32220
Cullum, Chris 8:14 Single 29640
den Braber, Rick 10:48 Single 38880
Fergusson, Eric 11:36 Single 41760
Fingler, Colin 10:18 Single 37080
Gottlieb, Mike 10:09 Single 36540
Hagen, Mike 8:28 Single 30480
Hartline, Andrew 7:05 Single 25500
Hossack, Étienne DNS Single 999999995
Igmen, Pol 11:30 Single 41400
Ignacio, Malou 9:29 Tandem 34140
Kao, Everest 10:23 Single 37380
King, Dave 9:16 Single 33360
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 12:27 Single 44820
Langille, Graeme 11:30 Single 41400
Lui, Maurice Ka Ho DNF Single 999999998
Lynch, Cheryl 10:18 Single 37080
Malek, Alard 12:27 Single 44820
Monaghan, Barry 9:49 Single 35340
Oswald, John 9:29 Tandem 34140
Perez, Christopher 11:30 Single 41400
Tanton, Beth 12:44 Single 45840
The key to success in this ride, however you define success, is putting the appropriate effort into the Lillooet / Seymour Valley Trail climbs. It is the nicest part of the ride, if you have the time to appreciate it. Take it too slowly, and your time will suffer. Take it too hard, and your time might suffer too (as mine did).
Shiro and I did our best to balance the climby, urban, suburban, highway and industrial roads. We were going to have some gravel trails in Richmond and Delta, but they are closed due to fire hazards. We know that some of these roads won't be very novel, but gosh, there are some beautiful sights along the way. I suspect a couple of the roads in Delta will be new to everybody. 
I strongly suggest riding this on Saturday or Sunday.

**Note** we are still limiting our starts to 10 people at a one time.  Please review the "Who's registered>" list before you register to identify an available start time that has less than 10 riders already registered. Thank-you!