Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Amaral, Paulo 8:26 Single 30360
Arscott, Deirdre 10:46 Single 38760
Barr, Susan 9:40 Single 34800
Bilinski, Jacques 10:46 Single 38760
Buckoll, Erin 9:40 Single 34800
Cullum, Chris 7:54 Single 28440
Deslauriers, Vincent 10:46 Single 38760
Fergusson, Eric 12:25 Single 44700
Fingler, Colin 9:40 Single 34800
Fung, Pete 9:00 Single 32400
Golbeck, Ryan 7:10 Single 25800
Gottlieb, Mike 9:00 Single 32400
Hagen, Mike 7:54 Single 28440
Henderson, Tobin DNF Single 999999998
Hossack, Étienne 9:00 Single 32400
Igmen, Pol 10:30 Single 37800
King, Dave 7:54 Single 28440
Lee, Kang 11:51 Single 42660
Lui, Maurice Ka Ho 12:20 Single 44400
Monaghan, Barry 8:48 Single 31680
Ogawa, Shiro 11:17 Single 40620
Ogden, Russel 9:57 VP Single 35820
Perez, Christopher 10:30 Single 37800
Person, Ed DNS Single 999999995
Press, Nigel 7:10 Single 25800
Ramasubbu, Ganapathy 11:51 Single 42660
Tsui, Sam Shek Chiu 10:32 Single 37920

** THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO 50 RIDERS **  (added 01 Oct)

This will be only the second "mass start" club LM event for the year, so come along to see randonneurs that you have missed for ages.  Keep in mind that the days are getting shorter and you will need some lights, at least for the morning.  Sunrise is 07:14 and sunset is 18:48.  And, don't forget to bring a mask for entry to shops for food and drink.

If you registered early, be sure that your routesheet/GPS is the version posted after September 25.  A road closure on Keystone Avenue has forced a left turn onto Clay Street at 77.5km.  Don't miss it!

Miss Golden Pitt takes one out and back on the rolling hills of Dewdney Trunk Road.  A highlight is a refreshment stop at the Iron Mountain Restaurant and Store (54.8 km and 97.2 km).  It looks desolate, but is actually open for business.  The proprietor has constructed a tunnel of sorts from the main building leading under the awning.  There's a crude bell to ring for service if you are not already spotted on the security camera.  The clerk is physically distanced inside the tunnel, obscurred behind shower curtain grade plastic.  Just tell him what you'd like and he'll fetch it for you.  Next, place your payment card in the snow shovel in front of you, and watch the shovel withdraw and reappear loaded with your products of choice, receipt, and payment card.   Since you're outside, there's no need to fumble for your mask.

There are many short stretches where flaggers are keeping you safe.  Less fortunate are the banana slugs, frogs, and migrating caterpillars that lack the benefit of a highway crew.  Exercise caution that your efforts to dodge little creatures doesn't make you swerve into danger.  I had a close miss with a snake on the rough section leading to Pitt Lake.  Be careful on this road because it is rather coarse.