Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 14:51 Tandem 53460
Baker, Gary 16:47 Single 60420
Barr, Susan 14:21 Single 51660
Bernhardt, Luis 13:45 Single 49500
Bilinski, Jacques 16:47 Single 60420
Buckoll, Erin 14:30 Single 52200
Chen, Feng 15:05 Single 54300
Clark, Steven 13:45 Single 49500
Cullum, Chris 12:51 Single 46260
Fergusson, Eric 18:10 Single 65400
Fingler, Colin 14:56 Single 53760
Galley, Luke 14:51 Single 53460
Gottlieb, Mike 13:23 Single 48180
Hasker, Tom 12:51 Single 46260
Himschoot, Ron 18:10 Single 65400
Hossack, Étienne 12:51 Single 46260
Igmen, Pol 16:20 Single 58800
Ivchenko, Oleg 12:51 Single 46260
King, Dave 13:23 Single 48180
Kuchenmuller, Manfred 18:10 Single 65400
Lee, Matt 12:51 Single 46260
Macqueen, Diane 14:30 Single 52200
Malek, Alard 18:10 Single 65400
Mudrakoff, Jeff 16:47 Single 60420
Neifer, Roy 17:29 Single 62940
Nichol, Keith 14:21 Single 51660
Nichol, Ross 14:56 Single 53760
Olshevskaya, Masha 12:51 Single 46260
Premack, Craig 12:51 Single 46260
Press, Nigel 14:51 Tandem 53460
Qi, Douglas 12:51 Single 46260
Rapier, Andrew 12:51 Single 46260
Stewart, Ronald DNF Single 999999998
van Wersch, Paul 13:23 Recumbent 48180

Route: Giant alligator eats Richmond

There are 300km events all around the world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the very first 300km brevet.  These celebratory events are expected to be social.  

Start: Breka Bakery (4th and just west of Alma)  24 hour. Coffee, sandwiches and baked goods available early in the morning

Finish: Breka Bakery. 24 hour. 

** Alternate Start / Finish: Chilliwack Cheam Centre - please indicate on your on-line registration if you want to use this **

Climbing: 1575m.  For a 300km ride this is not a lot of climbing. There is a short steep climb on Lefeuvre Rd/Graham Crescent (79km).

Gravel:  A flat 4 km of gravel along the Boundary Bay Dike trail. From 240.3 km to 244.5 km.

Transit:  Sorry. This is too early for the regular buses and too late for the night buses.  I can't find service to either W 4th and Alma or W 10th and Alma at this time of day. 

Parking: On Highbury between 4th Ave and 6th Ave.  On the north side of 4th Ave, west of Highbury.

Services: There are many places on this route to stop for food.  

67km Fort Langley

98km Lepp Farm Market (Hay 11 & Clayburn Rd)

115km Birchwood Dairy

145km Cheam Centre. Staffed control with snacks

189km Centrex Gas and Convenience Store.  Huntingdon Rd & Columbia St. Open until 9 pm.

229km Esso, Tim Hortons.  King George Blvd & 24 Ave. Open until 11:30

250km Tim Hortons. Ladner Trunk Rd & 96 St. Open 24 hours