Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 9:38 Tandem 34680
Baker, Gary 12:29 Single 44940
Berg, Lisa HD Single 999999994
Bilinski, Jacques 10:44 Single 38640
Bonga, Anna 11:37 Single 41820
Bratic, Zeljko 11:37 Single 41820
Clark, John 10:00 Single 36000
den Braber, Rick 12:26 Single 44760
Fergusson, Eric DNS Single 999999995
Flannery, Jason HD Single 999999994
Hagen, Mike 9:52 Single 35520
Hossack, Étienne 8:22 Single 30120
Jackman, Patrick DNF Single 999999998
King, Dave 10:00 Single 36000
Lui, Maurice Ka Ho DNF Single 999999998
Monaghan, Barry DNS Single 999999995
Mudrakoff, Jeff 10:44 Single 38640
Nichol, Ross 11:37 Single 41820
Ogden, Russel 9:52 Single 35520
Olund, Mike 9:16 Single 33360
Paradis, Sylvain 11:37 Single 41820
Press, Nigel 9:38 Tandem 34680
Rapier, Andrew 9:22 VP Single 33720
Sparks, Gary 10:44 Single 38640
Tough, Murray 11:04 Single 39840
Wood, Alan DNS Single 999999995

We'll ramble down to Tsawwassen, White Rock, and South Surrey.  The trunk is Tsawwassen, floppy ears in Burnaby, do you see it?

This route was first used in 2012 and has seen a few revisions over the years.  This latest version adds the Southlands Drive Rd. into Boundary Bay, the Dyke trail along the west side of Mud Bay and the Nicomekl Rd Connector before entering White Rock.  It also avoids roadwork along Winston St. in Burnaby, and trailwork near the Mud Bay parking lot.  The changes to the Ride with GPS file were made on March 27th, so if you downloaded the route before then, you will want to download it again.  There were also some changes made to the Route sheet on March 31, so be sure to download the latest version from this page.

The route was chosen because of its central starting point near Boundary and Lougheed and because of the convenient Pub location at the end.  It was also chosen to keep the climbing to a minimum at this early point in the year.  It does have a few steep, short climbs however, so you will be grateful for your low gearing if you have it.  Also, the gravel sections along this route are flat, straight and groomed, so 28mm road tires should be sufficient.

The start of the ride is in the MacDonald's parking lot near Loughheed and Boundary in Burnaby.  While we cannot park all day in their parking lot, you will find parking along E 4th Ave and around the corner on Kootenay Street.  Bathrooms should be available in MacDonald's, Subway to the south or Adanac Park to the north.  There will be a signed control at Diefenbaker Park in Tsawwassen (54.5km) with food and washrooms available and the remainder of the controls will be information controls.

Lets hope the weather cooperates for April 8th.  The pre-ride included very cold temperatures leaving Burnaby in the morning, strong winds and sunny skies in Delta, rain and hail in White Rock, overcast and cold temps in Langley, and beautiful clear skies returning through Coquitlam.

Enjoy your ride and as always, stay safe!

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