Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Arscott, Deirdre 33:18 Tandem 119880
Baker, Gary 37:21 Single 134460
Bhandar, Buddy DNF VP Single 999999998
Bilinski, Jacques 35:09 Single 126540
Bonga, Anna 35:48 Single 128880
Bonner, Kenneth DNS Single 999999995
Chase, Barry DNS Single 999999995
den Braber, Rick DNS Single 999999995
Fergusson, Eric 37:21 Single 134460
Fowler, Fred 38:36 VP Single 138960
Hirschbold, Markus 35:48 Single 128880
Inouye, Darren 37:03 Single 133380
King, Dave 29:16 Single 105360
Litster, Gord 37:19 VP Single 134340
Martin, Michael 23:56 Single 86160
Mudrakoff, Jeff 36:51 Single 132660
Nygren, Rob DNF Single 999999998
Ogden, Russel 32:30 Single 117000
Premack, Craig 33:18 Single 119880
Press, Nigel 33:18 Tandem 119880
Rapier, Andrew DNS Single 999999995
Sparks, Gary 36:51 Single 132660
Stary, Peter 31:55 Single 114900
Tough, Murray 35:48 Single 128880
Townsend, Christopher 35:48 Single 128880
van Wersch, Paul 33:22 Recumbent 120120

Head south to Duncan and then west to Port Renfrew. Stop in Lake Cowichan for supplies as the next 70km has no services, and Port Renfrew has limited services.  Back to Nanaimo, where hotels are at 366km.  There will be a staffed hotel room available for a brief stop for those riders who aren't sleeping.  From here, up to Comox, then returning to Nanaimo.  The Nanaimo to Comox return section uses mainly the old highway, similar to the SRW 400.

Notes from pre-ride:

Control 1:  Your choice of business in Lake Cowichan.  The Country Grocer is highly recommended.  There is a separate entrance from an outdoor patio into the deli section (Market Cafe) and easy access to food, water, and washroom.

Watch for bridge lips.  Some have potholes right at the edge.

Control 3:  watch for elk on road!

km 310.2. downhill gravel sharp right turn is tricky in dark.  Go slowly!

Control 6:  There is a coffee shop on the lower level of the store, entrance at the back.

Control 7:  Tim Hortons was really busy.  Use the Subway next door if you prefer.