Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Bonga, Anna 11:12 Single 40320
Cullum, Chris 8:07 Single 29220
Danicek, Will 9:28 Single 34080
den Braber, Rick 10:55 Single 39300
Fung, Pete 9:05 Single 32700
Grabinsky, Cole 12:16 Single 44160
Hagen, Mike 7:09 Single 25740
Henderson, Tobin 9:05 Single 32700
Himschoot, Ron 11:33 Single 41580
Hinde, Carol 11:12 Single 40320
Hinde, Stephen 11:12 Single 40320
Hulbert, Henry 11:34 Single 41640
Johnston, Iaan 10:52 Single 39120
King, Dave 12:16 Single 44160
King, Jonah 12:16 Single 44160
Lynch, Cheryl 9:22 Single 33720
Matheson, Jill 11:34 Single 41640
McCurdy, Patrick 10:11 Single 36660
McIntosh, Michael 8:07 Single 29220
Mudrakoff, Jeff 9:22 Single 33720
Murphy, Peter 13:25 Single 48300
Nicholson, David 10:11 Single 36660
Ogawa, Shiro 10:20 Single 37200
Ogden, Russel 10:11 Single 36660
Palme, Siegfried 9:22 Single 33720
Richard, Michel DNF Single 999999998
Simpson, Daniel 10:52 Single 39120
Smith, Karen 11:33 Single 41580
Spicer, David 10:11 Single 36660
Stewart, Ronald DNF Single 999999998
Szarecki, Maciej 13:30 Single 48600

The New Flatlander a Tour de Corn

This year's Flatlander will be starting at MARINA PARK ( at the foot of Church St.) in Ft. Langley: 8AM, Sunday, Sept. 18. This route incorporates some new roads and destinations as well as many of the familiar roads of Flatlanders past. It has slightly more climbing than earlier renditions of this classic fall ride, but by 200km brevet standards can comfortably be called a 'Flatlander'. We ask that you be at the start by 7:30AM with a signed Event Waiver Form and the registration fee of $15 ( correct change would be appreciated). Parking at Marina Park can be an issue. There is free (no time limit) parking at the nearby Ft. Langley Historic Site or on the north side of Mavis Ave. 150m east of the the Park, parallel to the Historic Park parking area.

This is an unsupported brevet, take what food you need or purchase it on route. Once you reach the Matsqui area there are lots of convenience stores, etc. to get food along the route. Some are identified on the route sheet. There are three (3) possibly four (4) self controls. Take a pen or pencil with you.