Member Time Bicycle Class Sortable time
Anderson, Paul DNS Single 999999995
Andrusiek, Dug DNS Single 999999995
Arscott, Deirdre 61:44 Tandem 222240
Baker, Gary 70:37 Single 254220
Barbazuk, Stephen DNS Single 999999995
Benard, Jacquetta DNF Single 999999998
Bhandar, Buddy 68:20 VP Single 246000
Bilinski, Jacques 70:37 Single 254220
Bonga, Anna 71:17 Single 256620
Ciccarelli, Stephen DNS Single 999999995
Cullum, Chris 60:47 Single 218820
Dawe, Matthew 64:48 Single 233280
den Braber, Rick 70:37 Single 254220
Devanathan, Vinay DNF Single 999999998
Feenstra, Ted DNS Single 999999995
Fergusson, Eric DNS Single 999999995
Fingler, Colin 71:17 Single 256620
Galley, Luke 61:52 Single 222720
Goodison, Bob 62:04 Single 223440
Hagen, Mike 62:13 Single 223980
Himschoot, Ron DNS Single 999999995
Hossack, Étienne 60:47 Single 218820
Jardine, Kevin DNS Single 999999995
Johnson, Aaron DNS Single 999999995
Kenny, Stephen 60:47 Single 218820
King, Dave 60:47 Single 218820
Koen, Bob DNF Single 999999998
Kok, E. W. (Wim) DNS Single 999999995
Lee, Matt 60:47 Single 218820
Ludviksson, Audunn 68:22 Single 246120
Luther, Jim DNS Single 999999995
Menicanin, Michael DNF Single 999999998
Nygren, Rob DNS Single 999999995
Ogden, Russel 62:02 Single 223320
Person, Ed DNF Single 999999998
Press, Nigel 61:44 Tandem 222240
Smith, Maurice DNS Single 999999995
Sparks, Gary 67:57 Single 244620
Stary, Peter 62:04 Single 223440
Stolz, Sarah 67:57 Single 244620
Tough, Murray DNF VP Single 999999998
Venables, Tom DNS Single 999999995

Map includes 5.9km ferry ride, so actual distance is 1001.9km. 

The ride is fully subscribed.  Please contact Gord LItster to be placed on the wait list. Alternatively, consider volunteering for the ride, and joining the pre-ride.  Contact Gord.


The Van Isle 1000km will be a brand-new route. The route includes some majestic vistas and beautiful scenery and 99% of the roads are in good or better condition. Magical sites, great bakeries and coffee stops along the way add to the charm of this ride. The many villages, towns, and small cities we will pass through means hydration and food stops are a plenty.  We will have manned controls at critical points to ensure everyone has what they need.

Manned controls include Malahat Summit, Kinsol Trestle, Genoa Bay, Youbou, Nanaimo (twice),  Willow Point, Waddling Dog Inn (4 times, start, finish and two additional controls Day 3...a convenient crossroad).   As always, we will through in a secret or two for good measure.

We have planned the route for everyone to stop two nights at the Bluebird Motel in Nanaimo. This allows the organizers to provide drop bag service for the 2 nights. It also allows for a more social and controlled ride. Day 3 we make our way to the Mill Bay Ferry Terminal (95 km). We then take the quaint Mill Bay Ferry for a quick 20-minute ride to Brentwood Bay on the Saanich Peninsula.  The last 200 km provide some great riding around Greater Victoria and the beautiful waterfront.