This report attempts to give an overview of volunteer contributions.
Points are given:

  • for every event with more than 1 rider
  • 1 per event volunteered
  • 2.5 per event organized, 4 if it's the flèche, 6 if it's a populaire
  • +0.5 per every 20 people at the event

Populaires with multiple distances are double counted due to their effort. We don't count events with only one rider.
As with any club, other behind the scenes work is not accounted for such as the exec or their helpers.

Volunteers for 2011

Name Points Events
E. W. (Wim) Kok 22.0 *, *, Le Petit tour de Peace*, Le Grande Tour de Peace*, Foothills Randonnee*, Peace Summer 300*
Danelle Laidlaw 18.0 Pacific Populaire 25*, Pacific Populaire 50*, Pacific Populaire 100*
Lee Ringham 11.5 Tour of the Cowichan Valley, Highway to Hell, Ripple Rock Ramble, Up Island*, Nanaimo Populaire*
Siegfried Palme 10.5 Mt Baker*, Quest for the Perfect Bakery*, Chilliwack Lake 300*, Coffee, Lunch and T*
Richard Blair 8.5 Dam to Dam to Dam*, Kamloops Princeton, North Thompson 600*, Loopy Interior*
Stephen Hinde 8.5 Nanaimo*, Renfrew Ramble*, Renfrew Ramble Takes A Wrong Turn*, Somewhat Familiar
Martin Williams 7.5 Tour of the Cowichan Valley, Eau de Hell 300km, Eau de Hell 400km*, Eau de Hell 600km*
David Lach 7.5 Camano Island 400*, August Makeup 600*, August Makeup 400*
Roger Holt 7.0 Canada Day Populaire*, Whatcom Wambler
Patrick Wright 6.0 Eau de Hell 300km, fleche Pacifique*, Ripple Rock Ramble
Bob Goodison 5.0 A River Runs Through It*, A River Runs Through It*
Graham Fishlock 5.0 Tour of the Cowichan Valley, Eau de Hell 300km*, Eau de Hell 400km
Tracy Barill 5.0 The Early Bird, Whatcom Wambler, 11th Hour*
Jim Runkel 4.5 Victoria, Highway to Hell, Back Roads*
Lorraine Nygaard 4.5 The Hills are Alive, Ripple Rock Ramble, Somewhat Familiar*
Luke Galley 4 The Hills are Alive, Renfrew Ramble, Renfrew Ramble Takes A Wrong Turn, Somewhat Familiar
Keith Fletcher 4.0 3 Hump Camel, Fall Flatlander*
Barry Chase 4.0 Whatcom Wambler*, 11th Hour
Carol Hinde 4 Nanaimo, Renfrew Ramble, Renfrew Ramble Takes A Wrong Turn, Somewhat Familiar
Jenny Watson 4.0 Tour of the Cowichan Valley*, Eau de Hell 300km
Kevin Bruce 4.0 The Early Bird, Suddenly Seymour*
Deirdre Arscott 3.5 Hatzic Hills*
Jeff Oh 3.5 3 Hump Camel*
Michael Croy 3.5 Ripple Rock Ramble*, Fall IsleLander
Brynne Croy 3.5 Ripple Rock Ramble, Fall IsleLander*
Gary Baker 3 Eau de Hell 600km, Hatzic Hills, Fall Flatlander
Keith Nichol 3.0 Elvis Lives*
Nigel Press 3.0 Cache Creek*
Ali Holt 3 Eau de Hell 400km, Eau de Hell 600km, Whatcom Wambler
Alexander Pope 3 The Early Bird, Hatzic Hills, Cache Creek
Bob Koen 2.5 Two Dam Far*
Robert Boonstra 2.5 Kamloops Princeton*
Lindsay Martin 2.5 The Hills are Alive*
Larry Voth 2 Whatcom Wambler, Fall Flatlander
Vikram Banerjee 2 Eau de Hell 600km, Ripple Rock Ramble
Cheryl Lynch 2 Elvis Lives, Fall Flatlander
Andy Reimer 2 Cache Creek, 11th Hour
David Gillanders 2 Hatzic Hills, Mt Baker
Colin Fingler 2 3 Hump Camel, Hatzic Hills
Ben Coli 2 Tour of the Cowichan Valley, 11th Hour
Jaime Guzman 2 3 Hump Camel, Elvis Lives
Dave Macmurchie 1 Eau de Hell 400km
Harold Bridge 1 Hatzic Hills
Dan Mcguire 1 Hatzic Hills
Marg Bryant 1 The Early Bird
Chris Cullum 1 Suddenly Seymour
Paul Mathias 1 Fall Flatlander
Darren Maclachlan 1 Cache Creek
Will Danicek 1 Fall Flatlander
Malcolm Mcauley 1 3 Hump Camel
Dug Andrusiek 1 Suddenly Seymour
David Kirsop 1 Hatzic Hills
Ron Himschoot 1 Elvis Lives
Shyam Chandran 1 3 Hump Camel
Hanif Ladha 1 3 Hump Camel
Susan Allen 1 Elvis Lives
Alard Malek 1 3 Hump Camel
Shiro Ogawa 1 Fall Flatlander
Ed Person 1 11th Hour
Guido Van Duyn 1 Fall Flatlander
Cathy Ringham 1 Tour of the Cowichan Valley
Kevin Contzen 1 Suddenly Seymour
Holland Gidney 1 Fall IsleLander
Graham Willoughby 1 3 Hump Camel
Bob Marsh 1 fleche Pacifique
Sylvia Lee 1 Cache Creek
Ivan Andrews 1 Ripple Rock Ramble
Norm Brodie 1 Fall Flatlander
Bob Lepage 1 Hatzic Hills
Val White 1 Fall Flatlander
Gary Sparks 1 11th Hour
Ryan Golbeck 1 Camano Island 400
Steve Mahovlic 1 Ripple Rock Ramble
Rob Welsh 1 Eau de Hell 300km
Jeff Mudrakoff 1 11th Hour
Patti Marsh 1 fleche Pacifique
Philip Lennox 1 Victoria
Dewain Emrich 1 Eau de Hell 600km
* - event organizer